Alternative data for retail and retail investors

Solutions for Decision Makers

All markets are not created equal

Identify non-obvious trends and drivers of performance

Determine which markets and retailer concepts are set up for success and  failure


Continually monitor market performance and adjust models.  Evaluate competition.  Determine the best markets for growth.  


Understand how market data and competition is impacting your performance.  Guide strategy and resource allocation with data.


Analyze relative market size, customer health, competition, markers for growth or contraction.  Benchmark and compare sectors and specific retailers.

Alternative Data and Performance Management for Retailers and Investors

Pro4ma Process

Location Data: Evaluate retail store networks, market strength, competition, and co-tenancy

Demographic & Economic Data: Identify retailers with the most exposure to specific trends

Financial & Market Data: Analyze which retailers’ trends move together to capitalize on market inefficiency

Pro4ma Benefits

  • Built specifically for retailers and retail investors by industry experts
  • Market analysis tailored to specific needs
  • Continually updated with new data
  • Actionable, timely and relevant insights
  • Cloud-based with easy to use dashboards
  • Cost effective, subscription pricing

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