We are reinventing location-based forecasting and analysis for multi-unit retailers.

Solutions for Retail Decision Makers

Whether you’re looking to expand, better allocate capital, or easily track performance against forecasts, we’ve got you covered.


Evaluate locations using hundreds of market specific data and build proformas using data-driven sales estimates.


Analyze individual stores and build bottoms-up forecasts of your portfolio.  Improve decision making and forecasting precision with data-driven insights.


Analyse key retail metrics and benchmark performance against the industry.  Understand the unique factors driving business performance.

Performance Management for Multi-Unit Retail

Pro4ma is one tool with many features

Easily build by store forecasts and long range plans

Roll-up store models into a consolidated view

Long range planning
Create detailed and accurate three to five year plans

Actualize results and quickly compare to forecasts

Built-in data visualization to evaluate store performance and drill down on key performance indicators

Compare key metrics to industry averages

Benefits of Pro4ma

  • Built specifically for retailers by industry experts
  • Pain free consolidation and actualization
  • Data-driven growth decisions
  • Actionable insights
  • Cloud-based with quick set-up
  • Cost effective, subscription pricing

Pro4ma Uses Familiar Formats

Mimics a typical proforma model

Easy, intuitive and flexible per store modeling

Pro forma models become the basis for forecasts and long range plans

Model individual stores or push top down assumptions to all stores or select stores based on any criteria

Built-in Dashboards and Consolidation

Easy analysis at the individual store level, for groups of stores and for all stores

Actualize from the GL and add additional insight with POS data

Rolling up projections is simple, accurate and integrated

Create long range financial plans in hours, not weeks or months

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Analyze performance by store, by region and by any attribution you choose

Built-in cohort analysis, sales per square foot, and other retail specific metrics and analyses

View comp store sales trends on a multi-year basis

Forecast comps based on absolute or stacked comp trends

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