Our leadership

  • Liz Dunn
    Liz Dunn CEO & Founder

    Liz has 20+ years experience in the retail industry. As a top equity analyst, she evaluated the financial performance of retailers for over a decade.  Before founding Pro4ma, Liz started and ran a successful retail consulting practice.  She frequently appears on business television as a retail subject matter expert.

  • Guarav Misra
    Guarav Misra CTO

    Gaurav has spent his career building software platforms to enable data management, model building, and results analysis, with the ultimate focus on automating the easy parts in order to focus on the hard parts. His experience spans hydrodynamics, marketing mix, retail pricing, on-line advertising, spatial data products, automated vehicles, and NASA satellites.

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark Henderson Board Member & General Partner, Cape Capital Partners

    Mark has been an Internet entrepreneur and innovator since the mid-nineties. He built the first websites for companies such Marks & Spencer and Thomas Cook, launched the world’s second web-based email service, and has gone on to start technology companies in San Francisco, London and Cape Town.

  • Mike Horn
    Mike Horn Senior Engineer

    Mike is a software developer with an interest in scientific and financial computing. After a BSc (Hons) Cum Laude in Computer Science, he has worked on a wide range of scientific and commercial projects spanning Water Catchment Modelling, Carbon Emissions Modeling, GIS and Mapping, Aerial Photography, Online Conveyancing and Online Share Trading. Current programming languages of choice are Typescript/Javascript, go-lang and python.

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