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Investor’s Business Daily

“Customer experience has a lot of different components to it, and one is the speed of fulfillment, and Amazon added a new classification of service that didn’t exist before, so now people expect as part of good customer service that they get free and fast fulfillment,” said Dunn. “But there are all kinds of other things that have to do with customer service — problem resolution, etc. — that Amazon’s not as good at, and that other brands are hanging their hat on in probably of a little bit of an acknowledgment that that’s one place where they can shine.”

Dear Retailer: Please Read My Mind, Or I’ll Shop At Amazon


“You don’t see a lot of disrupters because of the technical specifications and the fact that it really needs to perform more than any other garment,” said Liz Dunn, “If you’ve ever ventured out in a bad sports bra, you never want to do that again. It’s a bad situation.”

Inside the Fight to Design the Perfect Sports Bra


“I am pretty negative on the mall but I am not negative on all of physical retail. What Target has done well over the last year, despite negative comps and abysmal stock performance until this report, is invest in new formats, new products, new brands and customer experience”

Retail stocks have their best day of the year, but that’s not saying much

The New York Times

“Declining traffic, escalating leases and sluggish consumer spending have made it very difficult to support the debt load that often comes with private equity acquisitions,” Liz Dunn, chief executive of Pro4ma, a retail analytics software company, said in an email. “Staples’ position as an industry leader provides some cover from retail’s meltdown, but there remain too many stores in almost every sector of retail, and office products are hardly immune from disruptive trends”

Staples to Sell for $6.9 Billion, and Its New Owner Has an Uphill Battle


Liz Dunn believes that will be challenging for department stores, whose “business is clearly broken… It works in terms of the survival of the company but it’s not going to make for a more profitable model. It’s going to be less profitable. It’s going to generate lower returns. That’s what we’re looking at with department stores. They are going to generate a smaller return on invested capital and thinner margins. And I think that’s just the reality that we have to look forward to if they’re to survive.”

Department stores can turn things around – here’s how, VC says


“The bar is really high” for investors in retail, said Liz Dunn. The risk is “you may be sitting on a losing asset.”

This Secretive Dealmaker Bets Wall Street Is Wrong on Retail

Fox Business

“Even after the closures, they will still have too many stores, and the locations are too big,” said Liz Dunn, “They need a more engaging store environment that turns shopping into entertainment.”

Can the New CEO Save Macy’s