Why Pro4ma?

Long Range Planning Is Essential to Success

Companies with long range plans are more likely to succeed because they:

  • Measure success
  • Incentivize management
  • Evaluate returns on capital investments and business strategies

Key to raising outside capital
Can be time consuming and complex

By-Store Forecasts Improve Accuracy and Enable Insights
  • Long range planning starts with store level forecasts
  • Measure which strategies are working best
  • Improve accountability across the organization
  • Provide actionable data to improve decision making
  • Opening a store requires significant capital investment and long term obligations
  • Each store should be planned and analyzed carefully
Excel has Limitations
  • Creating by-store forecasts and measuring performance versus expectations in Excel is difficult, error prone and tedious
  • Actualizing results requires manual entry
  • Dashboards and data visualization require constant updating
  • Over 90% of spreadsheets have errors and the likelihood of error increases with each additional spreadsheet and user
Installed Systems Are Inefficient
  • Installed systems typically cost millions making them inaccessible to small and mid-sized retailers.
  • Installation takes months.
  • Systems require power users with special training.
  • Updates are difficult and time-consuming.
  • Installed systems do not have built in data visualization and business intelligence features.
Pro4ma Immediately Improves Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Intuitive and easy to use without special training
  • Best-in-class retail industry modeling and analysis tools
  • Improved collaboration between finance and operations teams
  • Less time building spreadsheets and more time analyzing business trends
  • Store-level analysis, dashboards, consolidation tools, actualization and long-range planning
Our Subscription-Based Model Is Inexpensive and Flexible
  • Cloud-based system is easy and fast to implement and maintain
  • Monthly billing based on number of stores
  • Small retailers start at less than $1,000 per month
  • Enterprise users pay less than the cost of a junior-level analyst
  • Monthly or annual contract to suit business needs 
Business Intelligence And Benchmarking Take Analysis To The Next Level
  • Add context to performance with competitive benchmarking
  • Improve decision making with built-in business intelligence features
  • Compare different assumptions with side-by-side scenario analysis

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